During thunderstorm, the dual thrust design of Stormking Terminal enables it to launch a faster and stronger upward streamer. This captures the lightning more efficiently and provides an enhanced area of protection. The captured lightning at a preferred point is then conducted to a dedicated earthing via low impedance conductor.

Stormking Terminals are Characterised by

Superior Design

Stormking terminals have dual thrust design, which results in faster and stronger   upward streamer increasing the efficiency of Lightning Protection System.

Superior Material

Stormking terminals are made from copper and brass. The outer panels are made from Copper while central rod is made of solid brass and both are coated with       chrome.

Superior Quality

The copper and brass used are high grade pure metals. Plus they are coated with     chromium for added protection against pollutants and corrosive atmosphere.

Superior Performance

The triggering of upstreamer is non–electronic hence constant, superior       performance. No battery or external power is required to activate the terminals.

The above superior features results in superior protection.

The performance has been certified by an independently accredited test laboratory and is in full compliance with National French Standard NFC 17 -102:2011. The testing of Stormking ESE Terminals showed effective   performance as defined in the National French Standard. The Stormking ESE Terminals have also been tested and certified for high current carrying capacity as per IEC 60-1 : 1989 Standards in CPRI.

Sentinels ACT Air Terminal

SENTINELS ACT terminals are generation 5 terminals, Generations ahead of ESE
terminals. They are designed for 'Controlled Triggering' of upstreamer, as compared to ESE, which propagate a continuous upstreamer during a thunderstorm.

LSR (Lightning Strike Recorder)

Lightning Strike Recorder also known as a Lightning Strike counter, records the number of lightning strikes captured by the Terminal. The LSR is designed for easy mounting at any location along the route of downconductor. The LSR has a mechanical 6 digit display secured within a polycarbonate IP 67 rated enclosure. It has a current sensitivity of 1000 A @ 8/20 μs impulse and operates by sensing current by means of an inductive pick-up loop. The LSR is non-electronic, self powered and DOES NOT need any external power source or battery.

Down Conductors

(1) Single Core Copper Cable with minimum cross section area of 70 sq.mm specially designed for lightning current.

(2) LIC (Low Induction Conductor), a high integrity low impedance cable which is particularly effective on structures containing high density human occupancy and those which contain sensitive electronic equipment, volatile liquids and other sensitive applications.

Maintenance Free Earthing

Maintenance free Earthing for maintaining constant ohmic values. The system comprises of Copper Bonded Earth Rods as conductors, copper tapes and connecting clamps along with Earth Enhancing Compounds GRESLO® / GRESLO PLUS + / TERRAS. These compounds are applied around conductors to reduce soil resistivity and lower earth impedance. The constant resistivity maintained by our Maintenance free Earthing ensures perfect and fail-proof working condition of Lightning Protection System.